We are no stranger to hard work.


Ryan Carr



Ryan was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Born to a blue-collar family, Ryan is the second of four children raised by a single mother.  Ryan now splits his time between Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire where he is raising his two young daughters.

Being no stranger to hard work, Ryan has been self-employed or owned his own businesses since he was 17 years old.  For more than two decades Ryan has dedicated his life and career to entrepreneurial pursuits and helping small business owners succeed in business. 

Ryan proudly proclaims that, “the last employee w2 I ever got was when I was 16 years old working at Market Basket. Since then, I still have yet to meet a day of hard work that I didn’t like.” 

Since 2007 Ryan has worked in the financial services and tax industry helping small business owners and entrepreneurs understand their business and how to grow it so they can achieve not only their business goals, but their personal and family goals as well; understanding that those things often overlap.

In 2012 Ryan formed Rhino Tax, a division of his own Eastern Financial Network.  In recent years, Ryan has focused his energy on building Rhino Tax recognizing its importance in the small business landscape.  “By empowering small business owners to work hard at what they love and leave the rest up to us, we’ve built a niche family of clients primarily focused on small business contractors and tattoo artists.  Together we’ve formed trusting and meaningful relationships built on helping each other achieve our goals”.