Welcome To The Crash

Welcome To The Crash

I’ve written dozens of journal entries, essays and pieces over the years.  I email, text and send notes to myself constantly when I think of something or see something profound I don’t want to forget.  I wake up most mornings sifting through mounds of information and ideas I sent myself the night before.

Oddly though, I have a very real paralysis when I try to put those thoughts and ideas together into something meaningful that I could actually distribute to the world.

I’m serious.  I currently have six different books I’m writing, some with multiple chapters completed, some are still just an outline.  (I am convinced when one of them is completed it’s going to change the world).

Most of the entrepreneurs I know are the same way.  They have journal books, notes, drawings, etc that are full of their ideas, their art, their brain dump……their outlet.

At some point you have to just start shipping the information out.  It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  You just have to get it out there for people to see and take, in hopes that it helps them.

We never know what type of catalyst we can be for people.  

It’s very easy and natural for me in person or on the phone to coach clients through business issues.  Writing it down for presentation though? Not so easy for me.

By birth I’m an entrepreneur and salesman.  By experience I’m a consultant to small business owners.  My job is to get the information in my head out to people to see if it can help them.  If I can help them, they pay me.  It’s that simple.

I realized about five months ago that the information in my head was “bottlenecked” because the distribution of it was limited to the day to day interaction I have with my clients in person.

(Side note - I am extremely proud and grateful of the work I’ve been blessed to do with a very special group of small business clients; I consider many of them dear friends and family.  We know everything about each other.  Essentially we are in a “foxhole” together while we navigate the battle of entrepreneurship.)

But I realized that in order to get the information in my head out to those who need it most I had to get organized about how to distribute it.  So I hired a friend and colleague who specializes in branding.  She built my new website and revamped my social media.  She even made me do a fancy photo shoot for 90 minutes one day so she had “content”.  And finally, she revamped and recharged my desire to get my brain dump out to people via this blog, email blast and various other outlets.  (In another blog I’ll share with you what the process of rebranding looks like.  Making the commitment to hire a branding professional forced me to level up my game for my clients and prospects).

Many of my clients would be happy to tell you how I’ve helped them with taxes, or buying their first home (which sucks btw when you’re self-employed).  Others would tell you I know everything about credit lines and financing.  There’s even a few clients who have witnessed me get escorted out of IRS offices for pissing off an IRS agent I wouldn’t let bully my client☺.

I think all would tell you I’m real, I’m honest, I don’t sugar coat anything.  They’d tell you I do what I say I’m going to do.  I admit if I make a mistake (as rare as that is).  To some, the most important thing I do is pick up the phone and respond to their questions….late at night, on a Sunday, whenever they need me. Why? Because that’s my job; to get my experience and information into their hands when they need it.

I look forward to this next chapter of Rhino Tax and watching the amazing things my clients will accomplish this year.  If you’re not already a client, I’d love to welcome you to The Crash.  (A Crash is the name given to a herd of Rhinos btw).

2019 will be as big as you decide it to be, I promise.


Don’t be a dummy…..claim your side hustle.