Who wants an $11,723 refund this year?

Who wants an $11,723 refund this year?

The last article had a great response so I decided to throw another thought out there on the topic.

Plenty of you came out of the wood work last week asking about what to do with your side hustle.  I’ve met with a bunch of you already and the results have been great. 

Bigger tax refunds for hardworking clients who also have a side hustle……what can get better than that?

Let’s suppose you’ve had the side hustle  for a few years and finally now you meet with me and I show you how to take advantage of it.  Good for you for getting off your ass and taking control of your taxes!

It gets better as some of my new clients learned this week. 

You are allowed to go back to previous years returns and amend them.  That means the money you and your previous tax preparer left on the table may still be available to go and get.

If your preparer in those years had asked the appropriate questions and explained to you the options you have in filing taxes, you would have a more accurate tax return and probably a larger refund.

This is just one real life example from this week:

A very hardworking, young couple calls me and asks to meet with them.  Upon meeting with them I realize they are the perfect candidate for this strategy.  We filed their 2018 taxes along with amendments to their 2017 and 2016 taxes all this week.

So what was the result?  Well, according to their previous preparer they were only going to get $3,039 this year.  By the time we completed their filings, we got them a $5,067 for 2018.  We also got them another $6,656 when we amended their 2017 and 2016 refunds.

Everyone would love the IRS to send them a check for $11,723. Right? Of course.

Moral of the story………?

Reach out to your favorite Rhino :)

Don’t be a dummy…..claim your side hustle.